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July, 2014  // Posts published in July, 2014

Modulus 002


It takes a musician’s ear to discern between the warm, fuzzy analog synthesizer sound of say Kraftwerk or the Pet Shop Boys & today’s high-tech digital synths. But the team behind the Modulus 002 has that ear & used it to create this next-gen polysynth; combining new technology with that old analog magic, it produces 12 polyphonic voices & more than 50 different waveforms for classic tones in a modern package. SWEET!!!

Click Here to go to the website.

28 Jul Film, Surfing | Comments

Chippa Wilson’s New GoPro Footage Makes You Want To Surf…Bad

I can’t get enough of drone GoPro footage, especially when it’s filmed in clear emerald water.

28 Jul Film, Surfing | Comments

Turn Around Bright Eyes….

Alex Gray gets totally eclipsed.

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger


Plug your Flux Capacitor car charger into the lighter socket and your passenger might think your Prius is going to drive them Back to the Future. It actually won’t but it will charge two USB devices at once.

Click Here to go to the website.

28 Jul Film, Surfing | Comments

Flash Flood Surfing Looks Terrifyingly Sketchy

Oops, hit by a log in the face. Well, nice knowing you.!!!

15 Years of Gonzales

One of my all time favorites ~ Mark Gonzales!!!