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January, 2012  // Posts published in January, 2012

IPATH Cat Mid ~ Root Beer

IPATH found its beginnings in the streets of San Francisco to the back alleys of New York City. It represented a group of skateboarders who ventured on a journey to explore what being a part of skateboarding meant to them. The idea was to promote being true to yourself and following your path to wherever that may lead you. Mine are ON their way…Can’t Wait!!!

Click Here to go to the website.

25 Jan Film, Humor | Comments

The Wooden Spoon Trick

It’s Even Funnier In Swedish…Awesome So Awesome!!!

“BORN IN” By Bart Saric

WOW…Amazing and Inspiring!!!

P.S. Anyone else see many sponsorships in this little guys future.

20 Jan Film, Media | Comments

Hawaii Five-O: The Complete Original Series

Maybe you’ve wondered why rappers refer to the police as Five-O. Well, it’s a reference to the classic TV cop series Hawaii Five-O. If you want to learn more about this influential series, or just see classic footage of Honolulu in the 70s, scoop up the complete series and post-up on the couch for the long haul. The show ran for 12 years, so there are a whopping 72 discs in the set. SNAP!!!

Click Here to buy them on Amazon.

Lytro – Living Picture Camera

Lytro lets you take pictures like never before. Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space. Click on the above image…Totally Awesome!!!

Click Here to go to the website.

Loyal Dean Skateboards

The cruiser board trend is hot these days. Plenty of companies are making really cool looking boards for riding to the local beach or making a quick hill bomb. But these, are some of the best I’ve seen.

Click Here to go to the website.

12 Jan Style, Wear | Comments

Jack’s Surfboards Cobra Kai Zip Up

Sweep the leg Johnny. I always thought Johnny was a total bonehead in Karate Kid. Now, you can be a total bonehead just like him. Grab yourself one of Jack’s Surfboards sweatshirts and start intimidating anyone even remotely looking like Ralph Macchio.

Click Here to go to the website.

12 Jan Film, Surfing | Comments

Tubular Dude! Huntington Goes Off

Last weeks round of super swell lit up all the breaks from Ventura south. The conditions were perfect every day of the swell. BOOM!!!

11 Jan Design, Rides | Comments

MINI Roadster

MINI’s latest redesign meets the open air with the MINI Roadster. Arriving in Cooper, Cooper SD, Cooper S, and John Cooper Works models, this powerful pit bull-esque drop-top features power ranging from 122 hp in the standard model to 211 in the JCW, Dynamic Stability Control, a manually operated soft-top roof for that old-timey feel, an optional Harman Kardon hi-fi audio system, and the MINI Connected system with web radio, Google services, an RSS reader, and integration with Facebook and Twitter. WOWZERS

Click Here to go to the website.

11 Jan Film, Media | Comments


Sure, he’s kind of a jerk, but you still love him. And you need all of him. To celebrate the golden anniversary of his secret agentness, MGM and Fox are releasing Bond 50, a gigantic collection that includes all 22 Bond films (and 6 James Bonds) along with over 130 hours of bonus features, all in Blu-ray quality. GO GO Get Em!!!

Click Here to buy them on Amazon.