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August, 2011  // Posts published in August, 2011

31 Aug Art, Design, Film, Gear | Comments

Inkling by Wacom

The Inkling digital sketch pen captures a digital likeness of your work while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on any sketchbook or standard piece of paper. Designed for rough concepting and creative brainstorming, Inkling is ideal for the front end of the creative process. Later, refine your work on your computer using an Intuos4 tablet or Cintiq interactive pen display.

In addition to capturing your sketch, stroke by stroke, Inkling allows you to create layers in digital files while you sketch on paper. Digital files are transferred to your computer using the Inkling Sketch Manager software, and later, exported to applications such as Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®. Files can also be opened with the included Inkling Sketch Manager software to edit, delete, add layers or change file formats.

I like this thing…If it maintains the same qaulity as my Wacom intuos…It will be the BOMBDIGGITY!!!

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27 Aug Design, Rides | Comments

Cadillac ELR

The forthcoming Cadillac ELR is proof that sometimes concept cars actually make the cut. In ’09 it was an auto show sensation as the “Converj”: futuristic and full of potential. Now, as the ELR, this American-made extended-range hybrid is slated for production. But details from Caddy are still sketchy, “soon” is the closest they’ve come to announcing when it will actually be on the showroom floor.

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23 Aug Film, Gadgets | Comments

Air Swimmers

Air Swimmers swim through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like motion. These amazing fish provide hours of remote control indoor fun in even the smallest of rooms (not for outdoor use). They require only four AAA batteries (one in the body, three in the controller) and have complete up, down and 360 degree turning control.

Simply fill your Air Swimmers with helium inexpensively at any party store, florist shop, or grocery store that carries balloons. The body is made from a high quality, durable nylon material that will stay inflated for weeks! You can fill it again and again. Remote control has never come to life so magically!!!

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23 Aug Games | Comments

LEGO VW Camper Van

The Volkswagen camper van is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time. Everyone from 60s-era hippies to vintage collectors loves the quirky charm of the squared-off design. Now Lego is releasing a decked-out model of the original T1-Type 2 Westfalia camper. It’s even got a lava lamp in the back….So groovy!!!

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23 Aug Film | Comments

How to make Fire from Ice

Pretty Cool…Take A Look See!!!

15 Aug Gadgets, Media | Comments

Aquapac Waterproof iPhone Case

Turn your existing phone into a waterproof phone. Keep safe and in touch whatever the elements may throw at you.

Key Features:

  • Everything works normally through the case…
  • …including cameras and capacitive touchscreens.
  • You can talk and hear without a problem.
  • Also protects from dust, dirt and sand.
  • Like most of Aquapac’s cases it’ll float if you drop it in the drink.
  • The seams are high-frequency welded to form a super-strong bond.
  • The Aquaclip® (a patented, ultra-secure, rustproof, injection-moulded plastic seal) opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers, and everything stays in one piece even when open.

Click Here to go to the website.

XM Tangle Free Leashes

Leash foot is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you out in the water… other than being harassed by a rabid dolphin. The leash gets wrapped around your toes, or your other leg, and makes you look more awkward then you probably already do while on a wave. What is the secret to this little gem? A small weighted slider that can move up and down the cord, helping to keep the leash away from your feet, so there is less chance of stepping on it.

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15 Aug Surfing, Taste | Comments

Surf Food

Recipes to make you surf better? Man…I need to get on this one.  Wow…A breakfast assistant for learning Frontside Floaters!

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