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June, 2011  // Posts published in June, 2011

14 Jun Gear, Music, Style, Wear | Comments

The Best iPod Nano Wristwatch

Here’s the most well thought out solution we’ve seen yet, designed by Scott Wilson, head of MNML studio (and creator of the case for xBox Slim). You’ll notice that these designs look a mite more butch that most Nano bands. That’s because Wilson chose to play off the tough, industrial detailing of the Nano, rather than obliterating it with cuteness.

You can’t quite buy these just yet though — Wilson is producing them himself, and funding the effort through Kickstarter. For $25, you can pre-order TikTok (which will be $35 at retail); for $50 you get LunaTik (which will be $70 at retail). Wilson expects them to ship in about a month, just in time for Christmas.

Click Here to pre-order yours.

Quiksilver All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge

The Quiksilver All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge was held in Orlando, Florida at SurfExpo on January 7th, 2011. Some of the biggest names in 80’s skateboarding came out to relive the glory days of vert skating, and give the huge crowd at SurfExpo a glimpse into the past.

It was a contest, a reunion, and a party all rolled into one. There were so many great stories and so much great skating we couldn’t cut it down to a couple minutes. So here’s a full 12 minute video to show everyone that couldn’t be there exactly what went down. When the contest was done, Tony Hawk took first place.


01 Jun Film, Media, Surfing | Comments

Leave A Message by Nike

What’s better than free? Get Nike’s new 6.0 surf vid Leave A Message for just the click of your finger. It features girls doing turns & airs that you will never be able to do.

Click Here to go to the website.