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June, 2011  // Posts published in June, 2011

28 Jun Art, Gadgets | Comments

World’s First 840-Barrel Paintball Gun

Here’s a first: a paintball gun that is equipped with 840-barrels, capable of shooting all its ammo simultaneously. That’s right, it’s a real weapon that was actually built for an energy drink commercial. Check It!!!

Click Here to create your own and see more videos.

Windell’s-It’s Not Just For Snowboarding

Oregon has some of the best cement parks on the planet.

28 Jun Style, Wear | Comments

Superhero Hoodies

Superhero hoodies, no way! Pretend to be your favorite hero around the house or at the local watering hole.

Click Here to go to the website.

28 Jun Taste | Comments

Regional BBQ Sauces

The art of barbecue differs from place to place. Different rubs, sauces, spices—it’s all about local tradition. This collection of regional sauces takes you from one end of the Barbecue Belt to the other with an array of five sauces from America’s foremost BBQ hotspots: Kansas City, Texas, two from Tennesse and one from North Cackalacka.

Click Here to go to the website.

23 Jun Style, Wear | Comments

Toms Eyewear

Tom’s Shoes was built upon their One-for-One donation strategy. For every pair they sell, they donate a pair to a child in need. This charity outreach has now shoed literally millions of kids. Now, Tom’s is giving the hipsters something else to make them feel good about. Sunglasses. Buy any pair of these shades and help Tom’s bring vision to the world’s sightless and vision impaired.

Click Here to go to the website.

23 Jun Games | Comments

LEGO Super Star Destroyer Executor

Four hundred bucks for a Lego set? That’s right.  You’re about to drop more on this massive, new Lego spaceship than I did on my first car. But why not? It’s Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer Executor. Brand-new. A Star Wars original.  It is also the longest Lego spacecraft ever made, 51 inches. Made up of over 3000 Lego bricks, it’ll provide hours of fun for you and the, uh, the kid. Available September 1.


Click Here to go to the website.

19 Jun Film, Surfing | Comments

Flynn Novak – Flynnstone Flip

Beautiful. I love it when a person just pushes something new to see if it works – in any expressive sport. Anyone else that sees a trick done can copy it, but the person that invests all that time not knowing if it’ll actually work in the end deserves major kudos. Well done!!!

Kogeto: Dot Panoramic Lens for iPhone

The small panoramic lens attachment ‘dot’, just announced by new york -based 3D lens developers kogeto alongside their ‘looker’ software,
permits iPhone users to capture fully navigable 360-degree video footage instantly and without needing to rotate or move the device. Fun Stuff!!!

Click Here to go to the website.

Tony Hawk & Andy Macdonald DOUBLES

It’s nice to see somebody doing doubles again. Love It!!!

14 Jun Taste | Comments

11 Ways to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

There’s so much to love about making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Once you factor in the basic requirements of the holy trinity of butter, bread, and cheese of the classic grilled cheese sandwich, one only needs a little imagination to take these sandwiches to the next level to unleash their true gourmet potential. Here are 11 to try out.

Click Here to view recipes.