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February, 2011  // Posts published in February, 2011

15 Feb Film, Surfing | Comments

Soul Surfer – The Bethany Hamilton Movie

I’m looking forward to seeing this one…What a great comeback she has had!!!

Check out Bethany Hamilton’s Website

15 Feb Gear, Style, Wear | Comments

Haptica Braille Watch

Designer David Chavez is venturing to solve the problem through this sleek Haptica Braille watch that rotates throughout the day to reflect the time. It can be read discreetly by swiping your finger across the face without annoying watch announcements, and it won’t shake your wrist. Plus, I think the design is sleek and looks comfortable.

Chavez has partnered with Kickstart to seek funding for the project, hoping to make his more practical design available to those who need it. The website has helped in bringing financial backing to gadgets like the TikTok iPod Nano Watch-Kit and the iPhone 4 Glif tripod. You can watch his video below and read more about the project here.

15 Feb Film, Music | Comments

Orbital – Halcyon + On + On

My favorite electronic band of all time…The Hartnoll brothers stay true to the Electronics!!!

Location: Selector Festival 2009 Poland

360° Mount Everest Panorama

Very Cool Site…Check It Out!!!

This fullscreen panorama was published in connection with the 50 year anniversary in May 2003, for the first who reached the top of Everest.

Over 50 years ago May 29 1953 The top of Mount Everest was reached for the first time by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.
Since then 1.200-1.500 has climbed the top. Nobody knows the exact number. More than 140 climbers died on the way.

On May 24, 1989 the Australian photographer and mountaineer Roderick Mackenzie reached the summit. He was no 271 since 1953
He made which as far as I know is the only 360 degree panorama From the top.

Click Here to go to Panoramic site.

Facebook – Expanded Messaging Platform

Mark Zuckerberg took the stage today during a live stream event and confirmed all of the rumors about Facebook announcing a new messaging platform. The focus was on three key areas.

Seamless Messaging

Communicating with different people requires us to think of which way each person tends to prefer to hear from us. One person may be easiest to reach via SMS, another might be email. But Facebook aims to make us not worry about that and instead just send a message – any message.

  • The new system will handle SMS, all brands of Instant Messaging, E-mail, and Facebook messages
  • The system also offers email addresses, which are presumably required to take advantage of all of the integration. You’ll get the email address that matches your user ID. (ie- =


HEX Watch Band for 6th Generation iPod Nano

As soon as Apple’s 6th generation iPod Nano was announced earlier this year, speculation about using it as a watch began. That happened so fast the announcement event wasn’t even finished before people were buzzing about it. Since then we’ve seen a steady stream of watch strap accessories to match that expectation. The latest is the HEX Watch Band.

The HEX Watch Band features a “Pop-In, Pop-Out” design and integrated control buttons to provide protection to the Nano inside as well as full access to all of the iPod controls. The inline design of the strap is supposed to allow headphone cords to run comfortably straight up the arm or through a sleeve.

The HEX Watch Band comes in 9 colors, pictured above; red, pink, orange, green, blue, clear, black, grey and white. It is available now and will run you $29.95 USD.


NoteSlate is low cost tablet device with true one colour display, real paper look design, long life battery (180h !), together with very handy usage and very simple and helpful interface for pen and paper. This easy, compact and portable gadget is used anywhere you want to make any notes, drafts, sketches, any ideas for future reference. Paper for everyone! Write a note and check it later, save it, or delete it. Maybe send it after. Just one colour is enough to express the basics. Keep your life simple. You will love it. For $99.

11 Feb Design, Spaces | Comments


The Vespa-Seat is hand-crafted in Barcelona from original Piaggio scooter parts. Re-live the ride.

Those are some Rad Goggles

Zeal Transcend GPS Goggle

I bet you didn’t know you wanted a heads-up display in your goggles this year. With the going trend of bigger lenses and increased peripheral vision, Zeal has decided you don’t need to see anything off to the sides, while whizzing down a run of trees. What you really need is to be distracted by a heads-up display inside your lens telling you it’s 33 degrees out, you’re on run number 6 & you’ve been traversing all day trying to find fresh powder because your friend Brian swears he knows this stash at Vail where nobody ever goes and….sorry, I was starting to ramble there. Anyhow…if you like more information than everyone else – grab a pair of these.

11 Feb Gear, Style, Wear | Comments

A Very Kool Watch

The Nooka Zen-V, like many Nooka faces, reads time through the use of bars. The left and center bars collectively displays the hours, while the right most bar displays the minutes. The seconds are read on the small window display, along with the day of the week right underneath. The Zen-V also features a chronograph and an alarm mode.