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Kelly Slater wins his 10th ASP World Title and The Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico

Kelly Slater delivered hands down one of the best performances of his career in winning his 10th ASP World Title and first Rip Curl Pro Search. Pick your superlative – amazing, ridiculous, incredible, outrageous. He was all of them and more. How can a guy who is 38 years old be getting better? And what is he going to do next?

Who knows. (more…)

The Quiksilver In Memory Of Eddie Aikau

If you want to see people almost drown, visit your local municipal pool on the 4th of July. If you want to see a few select water warriors paddle out taking on Mother Nature in a game of “who can hold it together, while having a mountain of water slam the life out of them” – keep your eyes on Quiksilver’s In Memory of Eddie Aikau website. The waves have to be of worthy size to run the event. Right now, there’s a storm a brewin that, according to my inside sources at Quik, could go down as early as the 20th of this month. I was there last year for this truly awesome event. It was nothing short of magical. Come on … tickets are not even expensive to Hawaii right now … and this is history in the making.