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11 Feb Games, Spaces | Comments

Good versus Evil Opus Foosball Table

The Scottish take their foos very seriously. That’s why Edinburgh-based, The Eleven Forty Company, has dedicated itself to producing the world’s finest hand-crafted foosball tables. Their latest creation pits good against evil. The good team features players like Gandhi, Mother Theresa & Santa Claus, while the bad team has Lucifer, Pol Pot & Hitler. That raises the stakes a bit doesn’t it?

With a hefty price tag of $26,000 it could be good or evil.

11 Feb Games, Media | Comments

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

Turn your iPad into a mini stand-up arcade. This is hot-off-the-press from the Consumer Electronics Show that just went down in Vegas. It looks like it will be out in April. I wonder how many of you even remember going to the arcade to play games? Seeing as how cell phones now have better graphics …. I’m guessing not many.

11 Feb Games | Comments

LEGO Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater

Some say the only difference between men & boys is the size of their toys. Lego bashes this theory with its architectural landmark series. The company brings us Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1934 classic, Fallingwater in shiny plastic glory. Every detail of the original iconic home is captured in this imaginative re-creation.