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16 Mar Design, Games | Comments

Scrabble Typography


For those serious about Scrabble, there is nothing finer than this limited-edition Scrabble set designed by Andrew Capener. Solid maple letter tiles feature a variety of classic typefaces. Other premium features like a walnut cover and maple base with built-in Lazy Susan plus a stitched rulebook and scorekeeper make it truly worthy of the signed & numbered run of 2000 games.

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23 Jul Games | Comments

The Godfather Monopoly

On a rainy afternoon or an evening with friends, playing Monopoly can be a good time. But honestly, this classic board game really needed an update. Well, that’s exactly what it got with the release of the all-new The Godfather Collector’s Edition. Redesigned to commemorate the mob movie’s 40th anniversary this new version of the game is straight gangster…Bada Bing Bada Boom!!!

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19 Nov Games | Comments

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

The all new LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar will put your Christmas count-down into hyperdrive! Collect 24 galactic gifts – one for each day – including iconic minifigures, vehicles and accessories from the LEGO Star Wars universe…So Cool!!!

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29 Oct Film, Games | Comments

Battlefield 3

It’s the new, hyper-realistic Frostbite 2 technology that really takes Battlefield 3 to the next level. It makes the killing and violence seem so visceral and lifelike it could cause virtual PTSD….Is that realistic enough for you?

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23 Aug Games | Comments

LEGO VW Camper Van

The Volkswagen camper van is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time. Everyone from 60s-era hippies to vintage collectors loves the quirky charm of the squared-off design. Now Lego is releasing a decked-out model of the original T1-Type 2 Westfalia camper. It’s even got a lava lamp in the back….So groovy!!!

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23 Jun Games | Comments

LEGO Super Star Destroyer Executor

Four hundred bucks for a Lego set? That’s right.  You’re about to drop more on this massive, new Lego spaceship than I did on my first car. But why not? It’s Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer Executor. Brand-new. A Star Wars original.  It is also the longest Lego spacecraft ever made, 51 inches. Made up of over 3000 Lego bricks, it’ll provide hours of fun for you and the, uh, the kid. Available September 1.


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03 May Games, Surfing | Comments

Monopoly: Surfing Edition

We all love Monopoly – collecting money and pretending you’re a land baron. What would make the game more sweet? Well, surfing of course. Stake claim on the planet’s best surf spots and make your pals pay to surf em.

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19 Apr Games | Comments

LEGO Volkswagen Beetle

Build the classic Volkswagen Beetle!

LEGO® fans around the world named the famed Volkswagen Beetle as the classic car that they most wanted as a LEGO model…and now it’s finally here! Based on the iconic 1960 “Charlotte” model, the LEGO Volkswagen Beetle features realistic details and functions like opening doors, hood and trunk, a spare tire in the front and engine in the back, an accurate interior, and more.

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11 Apr Games | Comments

Quelf: Obey the Card

Quelf is the unpredictable party game that gives Random a new name!

Whether you’re answering hilarious trivia, performing ridiculous stunts, or obeying silly rules, Quelf will inspire you to use your creativity, wit and sense of humor in ways you’ve never imagined.

As you move around the game board, as one of eight quirky characters, crazy things start to happen. Your friends start talking strangely. Your mom’s face is wrapped in toilet paper. Your dad is acting like Dracula. And you are reciting a poem about your armpits.

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16 Feb Games, School | Comments



You have got to try Z-Type

What a great way to practice your typing!!!