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06 Aug Style, Wear | Comments

Jasper Card Wallet


Unless you happen to be into couponing or hoarding receipts, a thin leather wallet is all you really need to carry cards and cash. And this one made by a San Diego cowboy named Mr. Lentz is a fine specimen. Thin, leather, & built to last. Giddyup.

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23 Feb Film, Style, Wear | Comments

Devon Tread 1

Devon claims that their $15,000 Tread 1 watch, a motorized, belt-driven contraption, is “a big, bold sexy declaration of independence from the status quo.” The status quo, in this case, being affordable, legible, sensible timepieces.

If your sense of what defines a good watch is how many moving parts it has, and, better still, how many of those moving parts you can see at any given time, then the Devon Timepieces Tread 1 would be right at home on your wrist.

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Kudos to Todd T. for hooking me up on these cool watches.

IPATH Cat Mid ~ Root Beer

IPATH found its beginnings in the streets of San Francisco to the back alleys of New York City. It represented a group of skateboarders who ventured on a journey to explore what being a part of skateboarding meant to them. The idea was to promote being true to yourself and following your path to wherever that may lead you. Mine are ON their way…Can’t Wait!!!

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12 Jan Style, Wear | Comments

Jack’s Surfboards Cobra Kai Zip Up

Sweep the leg Johnny. I always thought Johnny was a total bonehead in Karate Kid. Now, you can be a total bonehead just like him. Grab yourself one of Jack’s Surfboards sweatshirts and start intimidating anyone even remotely looking like Ralph Macchio.

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18 Nov Style, Wear | Comments

Bearded Beanie

Beards are so in these days but they take so long to grow.  If you’re like me and you don’t like to wait then this may be the hat for you…Check It…SHAKA!!!

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Nike Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez 2.5

Paul Rodriguez is a a wizard on a skateboard. He has a greasy style, wins everything & is the son of Latino comic legend, Paul Rodriguez Sr. Obviously with a Lakers color scheme, these Nikes are going to sell out as soon as…oh wait, they are already gone. Maybe you can pick up a pair on Ebay for 17 times their list price.

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I’m Watch

The I’m smart-watch interconnects all your digital devices and lets you run your wireless life right off your wrist. Calls, email, text, video, socials, apps, all of it.  Connects to iPhone and Android-based smartphones. Like…iLike

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14 Jul Style, Wear | Comments

Head Hoods

Have you ever wanted to be mistaken for Bill Cosby? Well, now you can. As well as, many other famous tv & screen icons … please tell me there’s a Gary Busey.

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28 Jun Style, Wear | Comments

Superhero Hoodies

Superhero hoodies, no way! Pretend to be your favorite hero around the house or at the local watering hole.

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23 Jun Style, Wear | Comments

Toms Eyewear

Tom’s Shoes was built upon their One-for-One donation strategy. For every pair they sell, they donate a pair to a child in need. This charity outreach has now shoed literally millions of kids. Now, Tom’s is giving the hipsters something else to make them feel good about. Sunglasses. Buy any pair of these shades and help Tom’s bring vision to the world’s sightless and vision impaired.

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