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12 Jul Gadgets, Home, Taste | Comments

Pizzacraft Grilled Pizza Cone Set

When “The Jerk” Steve Martin came up with Pizza In A Cup, people laughed. But are you laughing at the Grilled Pizza Cone or are you drooling? This simple device cooks pizza dough into a cone shape letting you fill it up then scarf it down with the greatest of ease.

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29 Jun Gadgets, Home, Taste | Comments

Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ

What if you could “grill” a steak right on your stovetop? No going outside, no firing up the grill or waiting for the charcoal to start glowing … Surprise, you can. This stovetop grilling unit fits right over your stove’s burner using gas or electric power to heat up its lava rocks for smoke-free indoor grilling. Simple, adjustable, mess-free design means more meat with less effort.

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05 May Gadgets, Home, Taste | Comments

Made In America Skillets

A little quick web research and you’ll soon realize that instead of Teflon coated pans, you should be cooking your meals in cast iron pans, like they did in the old days. The option of having one shaped like your favorite U.S. state completely blows the top off the nifty scale!

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27 Feb Taste | Comments

Honey Lime Fish Tacos

Over in SoCal, they make the BEST fish tacos. Every last one of their beachside cities has its go-to spots where mouthwatering, fresh fish tacos can be scarfed 24/7, 365.

But when you start making your own at home you’ve hit the next level. There’s no real mystery to it, just a few key ingredients and simple techniques…Figure it out, Amigo.

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10 Jan Home, Taste, Travel | Comments

Leather 6-Pack Carton

Tote your favorite sodas in style in this Leather 6-Pack Carton. Designed to work in conjunction with the company’s Bike 6-Pack Holder, this reusable carton is made to order using black or brown leather — riveted together and riveted to a central masonite handle — offers enough room for a wide variety of soda bottle sizes, and sure beats carrying around your drinks in a plastic bag, otherwise known as a “hillbilly cooler”.

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09 Oct Taste | Comments

Bacon Cheeseburger Tacos

BOOM…Any meal that involves a bacon cheeseburger is pretty much an automatic; a no-brainer. Make a batch of these bad boys and you may never go back to the bun.

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21 Sep Taste | Comments

Lamb Kebab Sliders

Unless you wear a white chef’s coat at your day job, lamb is not an item on most guys’ grocery list, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be. Lamb is as easy to prepare as any of its four-legged fellows. This recipe for lamb kebab sliders turn the somewhat exotic meat into certified dude food while a simple but savory coriander mint mayo adds gourmet flair.

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15 Aug Surfing, Taste | Comments

Surf Food

Recipes to make you surf better? Man…I need to get on this one.  Wow…A breakfast assistant for learning Frontside Floaters!

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22 Jul Gadgets, Home, Taste | Comments

Light Saber Chop Sticks

Spice up your Kung Pao chicken with these awesome light saber chopsticks…Force Feed Yourself!!!

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18 Jul Taste | Comments

Thai Grilled Chicken

Wonder if there’s ever been a poll taken on which meats are most popular on the grill?  Chicken is one of mine. The Thai marinade sounds wonderful and that photo surely shows some of the most luscious pieces of chicken I’ve ever seen…YUM!!!

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