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Walker Ryan Is Officially Pro

Organica decided to pump Walker Ryan up to the pro team. Now he gets millions of dollars, showers in Crystal, and eats only the finest fast foods.

Piccola Pupa – Skateboard (Shindig! 1965)

Somebody needs to remix this asap…Da Bomb!!!

Powell Peralta – Public Domain

This is the BEST 4 minutes of the movie. “Weakness” is one of my favorite songs to skate to.

McRad Rocks…Love It!!!

Christian Hosoi’s Christ Air

I remember watching this clip on Santa Cruz’s movie “Wheels of Fire” – I have it on VHS. A fantastic 80’s skateboard movie with skaters such as Christian HosoiClaus GrabkeJeff KendallNatas Kaupas, Rob Roskopp,  and last but certainly not least, Steve Alba. This clip was recorded at the Raging Waters Ramp in San Jose, California…HOT!!! 

Music By: Eight Dayz
Song: What’s so strange about me

Windell’s-It’s Not Just For Snowboarding

Oregon has some of the best cement parks on the planet.

Tony Hawk & Andy Macdonald DOUBLES

It’s nice to see somebody doing doubles again. Love It!!!

Quiksilver All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge

The Quiksilver All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge was held in Orlando, Florida at SurfExpo on January 7th, 2011. Some of the biggest names in 80’s skateboarding came out to relive the glory days of vert skating, and give the huge crowd at SurfExpo a glimpse into the past.

It was a contest, a reunion, and a party all rolled into one. There were so many great stories and so much great skating we couldn’t cut it down to a couple minutes. So here’s a full 12 minute video to show everyone that couldn’t be there exactly what went down. When the contest was done, Tony Hawk took first place.


Tarp Surfing

Some surfers travel to the ends of the Earth in search of the perfect barrel. When the swell isn’t picking up, others get creative and only have to go as far as their front yards.

Omni Tech Skate Action Figures

This boy has skillz!!!

Action Sports Toys LLC is “putting action into action figures™.” Action Sports Toys LLC has created a sophisticated, technically advanced method of manipulating toys with unlimited movements, unmatched playability, freedom of expression, and hands-on fun. Michael Bellon, inventor of the Omnidirectional Toy Manipulator, has invented a Handle that will manipulate 2 toys in a puppet-like manner that makes them seemingly look like they’re moving on their own. The Handle Controller will move an action figure and a skateboard together or independently, this allows the toy to move with life-like movement and mimic the tricks pros execute.

Click Here to see more videos.

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Dogboarding HUH?

“I’m calling the ASPCA ASAP! And I thought Michael Vick was bad. Poor little Shitzu, that board slide must have broken his little spine, not to mention the mental anguish and embarrassment those Weiner dogs felt being someone’s Rollerblades.”