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Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger


Plug your Flux Capacitor car charger into the lighter socket and your passenger might think your Prius is going to drive them Back to the Future. It actually won’t but it will charge two USB devices at once.

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16 Apr Gear, Travel | Comments

Cargo Saddlebag

When you head out on a mission you always carry a bag or backpack. Now your car can, too. The Cargo Saddlebag is basically a backpack for your vehicle. It mounts to your roof rack and sits behind your car. The design means it’s easy to load and access plus it creates no aerodynamic drag unlike a rooftop carrier. You get better mileage so you’re saving on gas. Made of tough PVC backed polyester, it’s built to withstand wind, dust, and road grime. Add the waterproof liner and you’re 110% covered.

17 Feb Gear, Home, Tools, Travel | Comments

Sven Saw

Lightweight and perfectly packable, the folding aluminum Sven Saw will come in handy on your next mission into the wilderness. Its unique design unfolds into a bow saw featuring a razor sharp Swedish blade, perfect for zipping through firewood, clearing a campsite or the speedy removal of a gangrenous arm or leg.

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SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone

This emergency dual-band GSM cell phone has something that until now you & your current phone could only dream of: A 15-year battery life. It is made for emergencies and automatically transmits its location. At $50 this is a small pricetag for some serious piece of mind. Throw one in the glove box and when you’re stranded on the side of the road with a dead car and dead iPhone, you’ll be glad you did.

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10 Jan Home, Taste, Travel | Comments

Leather 6-Pack Carton

Tote your favorite sodas in style in this Leather 6-Pack Carton. Designed to work in conjunction with the company’s Bike 6-Pack Holder, this reusable carton is made to order using black or brown leather — riveted together and riveted to a central masonite handle — offers enough room for a wide variety of soda bottle sizes, and sure beats carrying around your drinks in a plastic bag, otherwise known as a “hillbilly cooler”.

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Mophie Juice Pack Outdoor Edition

If you have the iPhone 4 you already know that the battery life stinks. This new backup battery/protective case gives you the freedom to spend twice as long away from an AC power source. And while you’re roughing it out there off-the-grid, you can use Mophie’s GPS-enabling app to keep you on course while you hunt for that next outlet.

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Jeb Corliss “Grinding The Crack”

I might have posted this a couple months back, but this is a different version of that video. Holy Cow…This is Crazy!!!

29 Oct Gear, Sports, Travel | Comments

Kuat Bottle Lock

It’s a lock that looks like a water bottle. You can’t drink out of it but you can pull out the cable and lock your bike up…Now go find a water fountain!!!

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Snack Pack – Quiksilver Pro France 2011

The Quiksilver Snack Pack is no ordinary highlights package from a surf event. It’s a unique package of never before seen angles and interviews from the Quiksilver Pro France. I think this was one of the best surf videos I have ever seen!!! Awesome!!!  Mr Medina is special!!! That kid rocks!!! Thank you Quiksilver!!!

25 May Gear, Travel | Comments

VW Camper Van Tent

If you love music, mud and Mother Nature you’re probably heading to a camp site at some point this summer. But why take shelter in some dull, conventional tent when you can recreate the Summer of Love in the hippie-tastic VW Camper Van Tent.

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