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15 Aug Surfing, Taste | Comments

Surf Food

Recipes to make you surf better? Man…I need to get on this one.  Wow…A breakfast assistant for learning Frontside Floaters!

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27 Jul Film, Surfing | Comments

Horrendous Wipeout

18 Jul Surfing | Comments

Harbour Trestle Special

The original shape was developed in 1964 to surf Trestles; one of the premier breaks on the California coast. Today’s Trestle Special is basically the same board however, using modern technology. With the extra weight gained from the 3 cedar stringers and volan glass the Trestle Special is ideal for reef or point breaks. All Trestle Specials are available with clear volan glass, 3 cedar stringers 6″ apart, a foam tail block and the Trestle Special vintage logo – no options. Harbour likes to keep this one lookin’ the same as in 1964.  I WANT THIS BOARD!!!

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11 Jul Film, Surfing | Comments

Billabong Full Movie – Blow Up

Check out Billabong’s new surf movie Blow Up.

Directed by- Victor Pakpour

Produced by- Blake Pettit

19 Jun Film, Surfing | Comments

Flynn Novak – Flynnstone Flip

Beautiful. I love it when a person just pushes something new to see if it works – in any expressive sport. Anyone else that sees a trick done can copy it, but the person that invests all that time not knowing if it’ll actually work in the end deserves major kudos. Well done!!!

01 Jun Film, Media, Surfing | Comments

Leave A Message by Nike

What’s better than free? Get Nike’s new 6.0 surf vid Leave A Message for just the click of your finger. It features girls doing turns & airs that you will never be able to do.

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Surfer Wall Mural

This mural is pretty sweet…

Printed on innovative self-adhesive woven fabric, this peel and stick photo wallpaper doesn’t contain any vinyl and doesn’t use any glue or water for hanging. It will cause no damage and leave no sticky residue to your walls. You can remove it and re-stick it as many times as you want. You can choose one of the regular sizes or enter the exact size of your wall in the Custom Wall Murals section to create a truly unique wallpaper mural.

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Rip Curl – Amazing Tidal Bore Surfing

The footage you’ve been waiting for… When the first pulses of the tidal bore showed, Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar, and original Searcher Tom Curren were there to greet the chocolate barrels of the Seven Ghosts. Witness the greatest river bore tubes ever surfed.

Donavon Frankenreiter Signature Travel Guitar

If you Google mustache chances are the third or fourth hit, behind a certain megalomaniac mass murderer from Germany, is Donny. Facial hair and scary Germans aside, Donavan is a very stylish surfer and successful musician. Therefore, it totally makes sense that he has his own travel guitar model to take with him and play at beach bonfires.

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03 May Film, Surfing | Comments

Surfing in the Great Lakes – Red Bull New Wave

Professional big wave surfer Jamie Sterling hopped on a plane with a mission to find and surf decent waves in the great lakes.

At Beaver Bay in Duluth (Lake Superior), Minnesota amongst freezing cold temperatures, Sterling was able to surf some remarkably big waves despite being in an actual fresh water lake.

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